Thursday, March 26, 2015

My beauty diary: Acne problem!

Halo semuanya~ cukup lama aku tidak mengupdate blog ini *sorry~*. Ada beberapa hal yang menyebabkan aku absen sebulan belakangan ini. Yang pertama adalah kesibukan di kantor yang tidak bisa ditinggal. Biasanya memang menjelang bulan Maret - April adalah puncaknya kesibukanku di kantor. Jadi maaf banget kalau aku jarang menulis post baru belakangan ini.

Hmm..selain kesibukan di kantor, alasan lain aku vakum menulis tentang produk kecantikan adalah karena kondisi kulitku yang agak memburuk belakangan ini. Mungkin beberapa teman yang pernah baca postku sebelumnya pernah tahu kalau aku selalu bermasalah dengan yang namanya jerawat. Kondisi kulitku yang berjerawat sudah bukan masalah baru buatku karena sudah sejak aku SMA, aku bermasalah dengan jerawat. Cerita sedikit ya tentang masalah jerawatku~

Kulitku termasuk yang jenis berminyak jadi gampang sekali jerawatan. Jarang sekali kalau melihat kulit wajahku bersih dari yang namanya jerawat, apalagi waktu SMA aku tidak pernah melakukan perawatan khusus untuk menangani masalah kulitku. Biasanya perawatan yang aku lakukan hanya sebatas mencuci wajah menggunakan sabun anti acne, memakai toner, dan menggunakan obat jerawat. Waktu dulu untuk sabun cuci wajah pun aku hanya menggunakan merek yang beredar umum dan mudah didapat di supermarket sedangkan untuk obat jerawat, aku menggunakan obat dari resep racikan dokter kulit. Hasilnya jerawat memang bisa hilang akan tetapi butuh waktu cukup lama, belum lagi bekas jerawat yang kadang masih tampak di wajah.

Waktu kuliah, sempat stress banget dengan kondisi kulitku yang berjerawat. Setelah memiliki penghasilan sendiri dari kerja sampingan, akhirnya aku memutuskan untuk lepas dari sabun cuci wajah yang biasa aku gunakan dan beralih ke brand lain yang lebih mahal. Beberapa bulan setelah mengganti produk perawatan yang aku gunakan, hasil yang tampak cukup bagus. Jerawat masih muncul tetapi bisa aku atasi dengan cepat. Bekas-bekas jerawat yang mengganggu pun mulai tampak memudar. yay!

Setelah setia pada 1 brand untuk beberapa tahun, aku memutuskan untuk mengganti lagi produk perawatan yang aku gunakan karena aku tidak melihat ada perubahan lagi di kondisi kulit wajahku. Entah kenapa sepertinya masalah jerawat tidak pernah hilang dan berjalan seperti siklus hikz. Jerawat muncul, hilang, timbul bekas, jerawat muncul lagi.

Sekarang ini, karena aku sudah lebih mengerti mengenai kecantikan, rutinitas perawatan yang aku lakukan sedikit lebih lengkap dari yang dulu hehehehe. Aku biasanya melakukan double cleansing setelah menggunakan make up, lalu menggunakan toner, serum, dan obat jerawat. Lalu seminggu sekali biasanya aku menggunakan masker dan melakukan facial wajah beberapa bulan sekali. Hal yang aku lakukan lumayan membantu tetapi sama seperti sebelumnya, jerawat juga masih muncul silih berganti.

Nah, seperti yang aku bilang di bagian atas kalau kondisi kulitku yang agak memburuk, hal tersebut dikarenakan beberapa waktu yang lalu aku menggunakan foundation untuk waktu yang lama. Aku memang agak sedikit alergi pada yang namanya foundation, karena setelah memakai foundation biasanya kulitku langsung berjerawat. Benar saja, setelah menggunakan foundation beberapa hari kemudian muncul beberapa jerawat di wajah. Selain itu, jerawatku semakin parah karena aku juga sedang mendekati masa menstruasi hikz. Jadi sekarang ini aku vakum dulu untuk bermain dengan make up dan konsentrasi ke penyembuhan jerawatku dulu.

My recent FOTD~ Cuman bisa pakai BB cream dan sedikit loose powder untuk menutupi bekas jerawat di wajahku.

Segini dulu curhatan mengenai masalah jerawatku sekarang~ nanti akan aku sambung lagi di post berikutnya ^^ talk to you soon~

Friday, February 6, 2015

Review: Make Over Blush

Today I will introduce you with my new blushes from Make Over. This is a local brand *FYI*, I don't really use local brand when it comes to cosmetic *It's not that I hate it, I just usually fell in love with the packaging so I ended buy Korean cosmetics instead of local brand hahaha*. I heard about this brand for quite long time ago, I also have some stuffs from this brand (eyeliner, foundation, and eyeshadow). But today I will talk about the blush first.

Packaging: Make Over packaging is always all black with the huge "MAKE OVER" words on its packaging. The shape is rectangular and to open the packaging, I need to push the center of the cap. Inside, there is a small brush to apply the blush. Despite the cheap look, the bristles are quite soft. But it is very small and I don't use it, because I prefer big brush to apply my blush.

Move forward, there is a wide mirror which make me very happy. Mostly my blush doesn't comes with mirror and even though some of them do have a mirror on its packaging, it is only a small one and I can't really see my face huhuhu.

Now my problem is here~ judging the packaging from the outside, I expect the amount of the blush as big as the packaging. Turns out the amount is only half of the packaging because the other half is for the brush. hikz. If only they make it as big as the mirror, I will not have any complain!

Texture: The texture of the blush is quite buttery. It is not very powdery and as long as you swept it gently, the dust will not fly everywhere. The color is very pigmented *I'm warning you~* no need to go mad and swipe so many times *this is happen with Korean brands* because only 1 swipe *and sometimes I need to blew a little* will make your cheek colourfull~

I have 2 different shades. The first one is pink fantasy. I know it looks so scary on the packaging. You'll see the bright pink color, but once it applied on the skin, the color is very beautiful.

Second one is Coral, This one is my favourite. When I feel it is a little bit too much to use pink color *Yes, sometimes I feel pink is too bright for me* I always run to this blush. The warm orange color never failed to make my face looks brighter.

Now for the price: It is IDR 75.000/pc and the amount is around 6 gr. I must say the price is very affordable for the great quality. Another blush that makes me fell in love with the color is Illamasqua but the price is quite expensive for some people, so this is a great deal if you want a pigmented blush with affordable price.

Pros: Sturdy Packaging, Wide Mirror, Soft Bristles for the Brush, Pigmented Color, Affordable, Local Brand.

Cons: Small brush, The blush amount is half-size of the packaging.

My Favourite? Yes!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Review: The Hot Shop Lip Crayon by Born Pretty Store [Sponsored]

This time I will write a review about a lip crayon from Born Pretty Store called the Hot Shop. This post should be up last year, but I didn't received my products for almost 4 months, that's why I can only write this post now. Blame the Indonesia custom, they held my package for months without any reason. sigh. Luckily Alicia from BPS is very nice. She offered me a new product to review and wait patiently for my review *thank you~*

Now, after like forever I'm waiting for my package, last week, it finally arrived with a lot of struggles *I will skip the long process because it maybe boring to read*. The one that arrived was the first package that BPS sent to me, which is this cute lip crayon.

Now let's begin the review~

Packaging: The packaging is like an automatic pencil. But this one is a huge one. The main color is mint color with black dots and stars on the lower packaging. To use it, simply twist the bottom of the pen.

Swatch: My shade is number #11. It is a red color with shimmer. Born Pretty Store has many color variants for this lipstick (12 colors) and all of them are so pretty. I even had a hard time to choose the shade when the first time they contacted me.

The texture is silky and creamy. It glides on easily on my lips and the color is quite pigmented. It doesn't has any scent and also doesn't makes my lips dry. I was very impressed with the quality.

My opinion:
I was quite confused with this product. It is stated as lip crayon. In my opinion, lip crayon is the same with lipstick, only the packaging is different. Because this one is on pencil packaging. But, when I use this lip crayon, I think the formula is similar to a lipbalm but with very pigmented color. And also after I try it, it feels really moisturising and lightweight on my lips. The staying power is also good for hours. But please note, this lip crayon isn't kiss-proof. When I drink my water, it transfers to the glass. This lip crayon now become one of my favourite lipstick. You know I always have a little problem with lipstick. Sometimes, I want to wear red lipstick but bold red is just to much, also I want something glossy on my lips but lip gloss feels super sticky on my lips *I own zero lipgloss FYI, because I hate the sticky things on my lips*, this is the best answer for my problem. I love the red color *the shimmers are hardly noticeable* and also the glossy effect from this "pigmented-lip-balm-in-crayon-shape". I only owned few lipstick with glossy effect *mostly my lipsticks are matte* and this one definitely a GOOD ONE! Thank you Alicia for introducing to this little baby~

Visit Born Pretty Store for your beauty supplies~ They sell many beauty items, I can spent hours when I browse through their site. Many cute things with affordable price! The owner also very kind. Mention my code: LINEH10 to get 10% disc everytime you shop on Born Pretty Store.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Moo Moo~

Hello everyone~ How are you today? I'm down with flu hikz. Runny nose, sore throat and headache. What a perfect combination! I want to do a new make up look and also review some beauty products, but my body won't let me. So, today I will share a simple thing that I can do with this condition. And the answer is~~~ tadaaa~ a nail art!

I remember an old song from my childhood, maybe some of you also knew about this song?

"Old MacDonald had a farm~
E I E I oooo
And on his farm he has a cow
E I E I oooo"

Today's theme is a Cow! Actually I can't make difficult nail art so I just stick with simple creation like this one. This is very easy and you don't need special tools to make this creation.

For this nail creations, I used these products: 

The Face Shop White Nail Polish
Etude House Fashion Queen Line - Black
Shara Shara Pop Ping gel nail
Ellianto Top Coat
Dotting tools

So I started with the base. I used White color from The Face shop. And then draw half of my nails with pink color (this is acts as the mouth). Using dotting tools (or bobby pins/toothpicks or anything that can make a dot), make a dot with black color for the eyes, nose, and ear. I only draw 2 cow's face on my nails, and for the rest of my nails, I simply make dots with black color. It reminds me of the cow's body. Finish it with Top coat and Here are the result!

Although it is messy, I think it is quite cute. hahahaha. What do you think?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year!

Happy new year everyone!

I know it's quite late to say happy new year, but this is my first post in 2015 so I still want to greet you with happy new year. I'm sorry for my gloomy feeling on my last post, I just can't control my emotion at that time and I need something to release my anger so I write it on my blog. Thanks to Ce Mindy for talking to me during that hard time *I really really appreciate it ce, hug2*

Anyway~ enough of the sad story. I will back to my old job as beauty blogger. Like usual, I want to renew my blog every new year. This year I hope I can post more make up look rather than only products review. I hope I can do it. I also hope I can post more often, sigh, life been so hectic these days, so I'm sorry if I kind of neglect this blog.

To start this new year, I want to share my make up look in this post. I'm really bad when it comes to give a name for everything, sometimes I really envy people who can named their post/creations with a very attractive name hahahaha. Anyway, let's just call this look as New Year Make Up.

Here are what I used for this look~

Kiehls Blue Herbal Moisturizer
The Face Shop Cushion Screencell CC Cream
Aritaum Perfect Concealer
The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
Lorac Tantalizer
Make Over Blush 

Make Over Eye shadow
Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Gel Eyeliner
Etude House Drawing Eyebrow
NYX Brow Powder
Unbranded False eyelashes

Maybelline Baby Lips Lipbalm
Aritaum Honey Melting Tint

So, I blend the Silver and grey color from the Make Over Eyeshadow and apply it on all over my eyelids. After that I use black eyeshadow for the crease and finish it with black eyeliner. It's hard to see the eyeshadow when I open my eyes because I have monolids but I'm quite proud with the result when I close my eyes *lol*

Final Look~

That's all for today :) thanks for reading
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