Saturday, August 1, 2015

First Treatment at Bangkok Beauty [Sponsored]

Hello Ladies,
Today post is about hair removal! Few weeks ago, I was contacted by ce Mindy to try the hair removal service at Bangkok Beauty. Sounds familiar? well, I was attended their grand opening last year with my fellow bloggers. Read here to know the whole story.

Back to the service, Ce Mindy asked me if I want to have a hair removal on my body? because she know I have quite a lot of hair on my body hahahaha. Thank you for the offer ce Min! So, I said yes! Luckily I still on holiday at that time so I have many free time.

Small but cozy waiting room~

 They also sell beauty products from Thailand.

When I arrived at the place, ce Mindy already there and she is quite busy because Me-nail (same building with Bangkok Beauty) also sponsored some bloggers to try their service. Because I never tried their treatment before, I need to fill some forms before I start.

I started with low leg hair removal. The process started with some drawing~ the ladies (I don't know how should I address mbak in english, so I guess ladies will do) draw a white line along my leg and then remove my leg's hair with razor.

After that, they started apply the special gel for on my leg and then move on to the next step, which is the use of SHR Machine. I'm very sorry because I don't have any picture about this process. They told me not to take picture because the light of the machine can be bad, even I must used sunglasses during this step. And stupid me... I didn't event think to took a video *sigh* I promise for the next treatment I will make a video about the process (I have the video of this SHR machine on my old blog post).

This is the SHR machine

Next, they clean the remaining gel on my leg and then swipe my leg with baby tissue. After that, they sprayed anti irritant on my legs. And taaadaa~

My clean lower leg! This treatment is very quick and painless (I don't feel anything during the process with the SHR machine). I remember I only need 15 or 20 minutes for the whole process. 
This is my before photo. Errr sorry if you can't really see the hair, because I just come back from holiday and I've already removed my unwanted hair before the holiday (on July 12th). This is my leg after 1 week (taken on July 21st). And on the right is my leg 1 week after treatment (taken on July 29th). Can you see the different? I can see that the hair growth is slower than before. Let's see what happened on my second treatement. Yes! I still have 2 more treatments to go~ hehehe

 The Pricelist

---------- ♥ ----------

Beside trying the SHR treatment at Bangkok Beauty, I also tried their Vit C Brightening mask for underarm. Thank you ce Elisa for the recommendation about this treatment.  At first, the ladies remove my unwanted hair, then apply some cream and clean it with brush applicator.

After clean it, they applied special peeling on my underarm. It is sting and feels hot at first. I need to wait for 5 minutes before they clean it.

Next, the applied mask. This time it feels cool on my underarm. I need to wait for 10 minutes before the mask completely dry and then remove it.

My Before- After Picture

As you can see, the center area slightly brighter than before. I'm quite pleased with the result. Also the treatment is only for 15-20 minutes and you can get an instant bright underarm.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July Beauty Haul

Hello~ how are you today?
You know the best medicine to reduce the stress is to shop? Well, some people tend to eat when they are stress, but for me shopping is the best medicine. I didn't spend much lately, to be honest I even forget when the last time I bought a new BB Cream? Lipstick? Mascara? I don't even follow the news of the new make up on the market *Sigh, I guess I'm getting old and lazy* 

Anyway my shopping list for beauty products recently only involved around skincare products (things that I will always repurchase. Lately, I used Kiehls, Erha Clinic, and SKII for my skincare) and some cosmetic that I use frequently and already empty (eyeliner and powder). Aside from that, I don't try new cosmetics at all (except freebies that I got from event). So, to make a haul post like this one, I need to wait for several months so I can have enough things to show you hehehehe.

First, Hair products! My favourite hair mask from local brand, Ellips. It can be found easily at supermarket and the price is around IDR 8-9k. As for the hair vitamin, Lucido-L, I just try it recently and I think the smell is very good~ it also sold at supermarket, the price is around IDR 35K.

Etude House Take Care of My Skin Mask Sheet. You know I'm such a big fan of mask sheet. I keep plenty of mask and usually will re-purchased again even I still have many. Etude House is one of my favourite brand. I got this from Bell's Etude House for IDR 9K (they have special promotion at that time)

Erha21 Collagen Face Mask. I just know about this mask when I visited their apothecary to buy a night cream. I never knew they have sheet mask like this. I've tried it, and not really like the shape. But the scent is good and relaxing. The price is around IDR 64K/Set (1 set = 4 pcs)

Daiso Makeup Puff. If you need a good quality puff with affordable price, you maybe want to consider Daiso. I've been a loyal customer for this product since I knew make up several years ago. With IDR 25K you can get 12pcs puff. Maybelline baby lips is one of my favourite lipbalm, the price is around IDR 22K, pretty cheap right? 

Maybelline White Superfresh cake powder (Price around IDR 50K) and Revlon Touch and Glow Face powder (Price around IDR 40K). Actually I bought these for my mom. Usually we share the cosmetic (my mom and sis don't really do make up so they just use everything they can found on the table, and mostly are mine hahahaha) but for the powder, they use loose powder while I prefer the compact powder. So far I like the coverage from Maybelline white superfresh, but I still haven't try the revlon one.

So, I went to Bali for the Eid Fitri Holiday and I bought these two at Krisna (souvenir shop). The body mist has the best green tea scent everrr. I really love the fragrant scent, it is fresh, relaxing and long lasting. The candles, haven't try it yet and bought mostly because of the design hahaha. 

Hair tools! I bought a new hair straightener because my old one was broken during my trip to Bali. It is a 2 in 1 product, it can curl and straighten hair (Price IDR 275K). Also bought a new hair dryer from Vidal Sassoon, it has 2 different blow, cool and hot (Price IDR 320K from Luxola). And the last thing is the hair brush. Bought this because the color is matching with my straightener and hair dryer lol (IDR 149K from Kay Collection). It has sturdy handle and works really well for my thick hair.

Okay, that's all my haul post for today~ will collect some new items again starting from now and I will make another haul post soon. Thanks for reading

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Zalora Fashion Fever!

Hey everyone, It's been a while since my last post. I'm sorry for being MIA, I'm having a hard time to adjust my blogging time due to my works. Thank God, I still have 1 week off before I start my hectic weeks again.

Anyway, I have a very special news for my readers. What is that? *Are you readyyyy?*

You maybe already knew or already read it sometime ago on my blog about Zalora. Zalora is the biggest online shop/retailer in Southeast Asia. In Zalora you can found both men and women fashion with good quality and affordable price. Not to mention about their good service. Their website is always on top of my bookmarks. I've already purchased many things from Zalora, from dress, shoes, bag and even cosmetics! Yes, they have everything!

Now, what is Fashion Fever Week?
It is a special offer from Zalora which start on July 22nd until July 31st. You will be giving a direct access for high-street global fashion brands including local brands with very special price. Zalora will be giving up to 80% discount for the brands that participating in this event. Some of the brands are:
- River Island
- Mango
- Zalora
- Zalora Basics
- New Look
- Salt n Pepper
- Rip Curl
- Levis
- Dr Kevin
- And many more

Not only that, during this event, Zalora also provides a same-day delivery service if you put your order before 11 a.m, Free delivery fee if you spent more than IDR 250K, COD and also return and refund within 30 days.

PS: I will share some OOTD too~ because the topic is about Zalora, I want to share some Outfit from Zalora that I owned.

This little black dress is from Something Borrowed (Bought directly from Zalora). This is one of my favourite dress for casual event. The scallop collar is the main attraction from this dress because the color is very contrast with the dress itself. 

 Trying to pose like fashion blogger but failed lol. I think I need to practice more.

Now, enough talking you maybe want to check the event yourself. Head over to ZALORA and shop! 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bali Alus Cool and Refreshing Fresh Foot Spray

Halo semuanya~ Kali ini aku mau mereview salah satu produk dalam negeri yaitu produk dari Bali Alus. Yang akan aku review kali ini adalah produk "Cool and Refreshing Fresh Foot Spray". Walaupun merupakan asli produk dalam negeri yang diproduksi di pulau dewata, produk ini menggunakan bahasa Inggris sebagai nama produknya, karena memang Bali banyak dikunjungi oleh wisatawan dari luar negeri yang ditargetkan sebagai konsumen produk ini.

Packaging: Dari tampilan pertama, aku mengira ini merupakan produk luar karena pemilihan warna dan kemasannya yang terkesan simple. Foot spray ini dikemas dalam botol plastik ukuran 100 ml dengan spray. Label yang digunakan berwarna silver dan perpaduan warna biru dan nama produk tercetak dengan bahasa Inggris. Selain nama produk, di bagian depan botol tercantum nomor POM dengan jelas.

Penjelasan singkat mengenai produk dan cara penggunaan ditulis dengan menggunakan 2 bahasa, Indonesia dan Inggris sedangkan untuk komposisi bahan hanya ditulis 1x menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Batch produksi dan tanggal kadaluarsa produk pun tercetak dengan jelas.

Foot Spray: Pump spray berfungsi dengan baik dari pertama kali. Produk ini tersegel rapat saat aku pertama membeli sehingga kualitasnya juga terjaga baik. Foot spraynya sendiri berupa cairan bening seperti air dan beraroma mint. Saat disemprotkan ke kaki, wangi mintnya terasa sekali dan kaki terasa dingin karena efek mintnya.

Aku suka menggunakan foot spray ini selepas bepergian, saat kondisi kaki lelah cukup semprot beberapa kali dan sensasi mintnya membuat kaki menjadi sejuk dan lebih rileks.

Harga untuk produk ini jika aku tidak salah ingat adalah sekitar Rp 30.000 (atau lebih murah), ukurannya lumayan besar sehingga menurutku harganya cukup terjangkau. Aku membeli ini di toko oleh-oleh Bali seperti Krisna dan Airlangga.

Secara keseluruhan, aku suka sekali dengan foot spray ini karena efek sejuk mintnya benar-benar terasa selain itu wanginya juga segar. Harga dan kuantity produk juga sangat memuaskan. Jika nanti ada kesempatan pergi ke Bali lagi aku berniat membeli beberapa botol untuk stok hehehe.

PS: Buat yang punya masalah dengan bau kaki juga bisa menggunakan semprotan kaki ini untuk menyamarkan bau lho.. tetapi yang paling utama adalah rajin membersihkan kaki dan menggunakan kaos kaki untuk menyerap keringat yang menyebabkan bau kaki.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Kiki Coroline's Nail Corner

Hello Ladies, Today I want to show off my beautiful nails. My fellow blogger, Kiki is a talented woman behind these beautiful nails. She owned a nail salon, and few weeks ago, she offered me to try the nail extension. I never have long nails before because I don't really like it and my nails are kinda weak (even kiki said this), so whenever I had a long nail, it tends to crack. When kiki said she want to sponsored nail extension to me, I talk to myself~ this is the time! time to try having a long nail without lot of effort to grow it by myself. 

So, I went to her house (which is near my house hehehe) after works. She already mentioned to me before that the process will be long and took 3-4 hours. Turns out I spent 3.5 hours for my nails. Luckily I have a happy time with Nono, Kiki's BF and Kiki. We talk all the time about everything <3 Anyway, this is a glimpse of the process, it is not a complete process, because most of the time I forgot to snap pictures due to happily chat with kiki and her BF.

First Kiki clean my nails and then set the extension nails. After that she started to make the nail art.

She made 3D flower for each of my fingers, except the ring finger. She made it different with the others but I think it is more cute that way. As for the finishing, she also added rhinestone to my nails~

 Fresh from the oven! Very beautiful!

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