Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bali Alus Cool and Refreshing Fresh Foot Spray

Halo semuanya~ Kali ini aku mau mereview salah satu produk dalam negeri yaitu produk dari Bali Alus. Yang akan aku review kali ini adalah produk "Cool and Refreshing Fresh Foot Spray". Walaupun merupakan asli produk dalam negeri yang diproduksi di pulau dewata, produk ini menggunakan bahasa Inggris sebagai nama produknya, karena memang Bali banyak dikunjungi oleh wisatawan dari luar negeri yang ditargetkan sebagai konsumen produk ini.

Packaging: Dari tampilan pertama, aku mengira ini merupakan produk luar karena pemilihan warna dan kemasannya yang terkesan simple. Foot spray ini dikemas dalam botol plastik ukuran 100 ml dengan spray. Label yang digunakan berwarna silver dan perpaduan warna biru dan nama produk tercetak dengan bahasa Inggris. Selain nama produk, di bagian depan botol tercantum nomor POM dengan jelas.

Penjelasan singkat mengenai produk dan cara penggunaan ditulis dengan menggunakan 2 bahasa, Indonesia dan Inggris sedangkan untuk komposisi bahan hanya ditulis 1x menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Batch produksi dan tanggal kadaluarsa produk pun tercetak dengan jelas.

Foot Spray: Pump spray berfungsi dengan baik dari pertama kali. Produk ini tersegel rapat saat aku pertama membeli sehingga kualitasnya juga terjaga baik. Foot spraynya sendiri berupa cairan bening seperti air dan beraroma mint. Saat disemprotkan ke kaki, wangi mintnya terasa sekali dan kaki terasa dingin karena efek mintnya.

Aku suka menggunakan foot spray ini selepas bepergian, saat kondisi kaki lelah cukup semprot beberapa kali dan sensasi mintnya membuat kaki menjadi sejuk dan lebih rileks.

Harga untuk produk ini jika aku tidak salah ingat adalah sekitar Rp 30.000 (atau lebih murah), ukurannya lumayan besar sehingga menurutku harganya cukup terjangkau. Aku membeli ini di toko oleh-oleh Bali seperti Krisna dan Airlangga.

Secara keseluruhan, aku suka sekali dengan foot spray ini karena efek sejuk mintnya benar-benar terasa selain itu wanginya juga segar. Harga dan kuantity produk juga sangat memuaskan. Jika nanti ada kesempatan pergi ke Bali lagi aku berniat membeli beberapa botol untuk stok hehehe.

PS: Buat yang punya masalah dengan bau kaki juga bisa menggunakan semprotan kaki ini untuk menyamarkan bau lho.. tetapi yang paling utama adalah rajin membersihkan kaki dan menggunakan kaos kaki untuk menyerap keringat yang menyebabkan bau kaki.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Kiki Coroline's Nail Corner

Hello Ladies, Today I want to show off my beautiful nails. My fellow blogger, Kiki is a talented woman behind these beautiful nails. She owned a nail salon, and few weeks ago, she offered me to try the nail extension. I never have long nails before because I don't really like it and my nails are kinda weak (even kiki said this), so whenever I had a long nail, it tends to crack. When kiki said she want to sponsored nail extension to me, I talk to myself~ this is the time! time to try having a long nail without lot of effort to grow it by myself. 

So, I went to her house (which is near my house hehehe) after works. She already mentioned to me before that the process will be long and took 3-4 hours. Turns out I spent 3.5 hours for my nails. Luckily I have a happy time with Nono, Kiki's BF and Kiki. We talk all the time about everything <3 Anyway, this is a glimpse of the process, it is not a complete process, because most of the time I forgot to snap pictures due to happily chat with kiki and her BF.

First Kiki clean my nails and then set the extension nails. After that she started to make the nail art.

She made 3D flower for each of my fingers, except the ring finger. She made it different with the others but I think it is more cute that way. As for the finishing, she also added rhinestone to my nails~

 Fresh from the oven! Very beautiful!

( Order / Pricelist / Appointment Booking)
Phone / WA +6281 75077553
Email :

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Makeup Demo by Estee Lauder

Hello ladies, Last week I was attended a makeup demo by Estee Lauder with my fellow bloggers. This event is to celebrate Surabaya's birthday. Thanks to ce Mindy and Sabrina for the information about this event. The event took place at Ciputra World Mall on May 23th. The traffic was very hectic at that day, I just knew later that there is a big event at Shangrila Hotel (which is accross the ciputra wold mall), and it is a Graduation from Unika Widya Mandala (My Almamater! congrats for the fresh graduate) that's why there is traffic jam around that area.

Anyway, when I was arrived, the event just began so I don't missed anything hehehehe. Hmm the event besically only a make up demo by Estee Lauder MUA. They make 2 different styles, natural makeup and also heavy makeup with smokey eyes. Estee Lauder have many products selection from skincare, makeup and even perfume~

Estee Lauder number 1 best seller! they have a giant version of the serum wkwkwkwk

I was a little suprise when I came to the venue. Because all I can see is my fellow bloggers (around 8 peoples) and 1 aunty with her daughter as the audiences. Days before the event, I saw an announcement at Clozette's Instagram that stated, they invited 50 girls to the event. They event provide free voucher and travel kit for the attendances. But I saw no one at the event (well, there are some girls that finally coming during the makeup demo, but it is only few, maybe around 5 peoples). 

The first Model will having a natural makeup. This model is my favourite (sorry I don't know her name). She is very pretty even without makeup and she smiles a lot. The MC explained about the basic first. Like usual, we must use skincare before apply any makeup. This time the MC explain about the famous Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum (Their number 1 Best Seller).

On the Left Hand (right in the picture): she put some serum and then rub it gently, and then spray water
On the right hand (left in the picture): she doesn't put anything and only spray with water.

The hand with the serum, the water is still there and not running down easily. The serum helps to hold the water (in this case works as a substitute for moisturizer), while the other hand, water running down easily after sprayed. wow~

Now move on to the makeup demo~

I think the result is really natural, and it helps to enhance the model's beauty face even more. 

Second model~ this time the theme is Glamorous makeup with smokey eyes.
How to apply a highlighter? Draw number "3" strarted from above the eyebrow then blend it.

This is the result for the 2 models.

Along with the makeup demo, Estee Lauder also provides photo booth and snacks. Btw, the dress code for the event is Touch of Batik.

Thanks to Sabrina and Ce Mindy for the pictures :)

They also give me a goodie bag~

Thank you Estee Lauder Indonesia.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review: TDF Day Rejuvenation SPF 20 [Sponsored]

Hello..back on february, i received a surprise package from Miracle clinic. The package consist of TDF age defense cleansing gel and TDF day rejuvenation complex SPF 20 and also sample sachets of TDF eye radiance [already made a review about it, here]. Today I will write a review about the TDF Day Rejuvenation complex SPF 20.

Packaging: slim sturdy packaging made from thick plastic material. It has pump applicator. When the first time i open it, the pump didn't work well. I've tried to push it several times, but still no reaction. Then I tried to open the packaging and shake it a little and the push the pump again. Luckily it works! (I just know from ce mindy's blog that the other bloggers also have same problem like me with the pump). After the pump works, i have another problem with the amount control. I can't pump a little cream because it always leak out so much. Sigh. Need to be very very careful when i push it.

Texture: very light and almost watery. The color is cream / soft brown. This is a new thing for me, because usually sunscreen product has white color for the cream, or transparent for gel type. One thing that i don't really like from this product is the scent. It smells like traditional medicine and last quite long.

I rarely use sunblock/sunscreen for my daily activities because it tends to make face oily and cause me break out. I also hate the heavy feeling from applying sunblock. Luckily this product is a combination from exfoliator, moisturizer and sunscreen, so it is light and moisturize my skin well and also protect my skin from the sun light. The SPF is only 20 so need to reapply again after few hours or before i do an outdoor activities. But, because mostly i works indoor, i think this is enough for me.

Though the consistency is quite light and watery. This product still makes my face oily after hours. Usually i will set it with loose powder to reduce the greasy feeling. So far this product doesn't makes break out and works quite well as a 3 in 1 product (exfoliator,moisturizer and sunscreen). The minus maybe only the scent and also the price hehehehe. Because it is quite expensive. But if you looking for a good moisturizer and sunscreen in 1 bottle you maybe want to give this TDF day rejuvenation complex a try

Thank you Miracle Clinic for the gift! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Bling Bling!

Hello girls~
Few weeks ago (I forgot the date hahaha), I joined a mini giveaway from Kiki. The rule is simple, we just need to re-create her dots nail art. I did it, well it looks messy and unpretty wkwkwk but luckily, she picked me as one of the winner. yay!

Here are what I got as a giveaway gift.

Lot of new items for my nails. Actually I never do any difficult nail art and these things are a new things for me..wkwkwkw I even don't know how to use the colorful powder on my nails (will ask kiki for a help later). Anyway, I try to make a simple nail art with my new toys, and this is my result.

What I used:
- Revlon Double Twist for Base and Top Coat
- Elianto Baby Shine Nail Polish
- Colourful Rhinestone
- Tweezer

First, I apply Revlon Double twist as a base. Make sure to apply base coat before you apply nail polish. It will helps to reduce the ugly yellow stain on your nails and also helps the nail polish to stay longer.

Second, Apply the main nail polish. I choose Elianto Baby Shine color. It is a pale pink color with shimmers.
Third, put rhinestone on my nails. I choose a simple design and use combination gold and silver color.

Last, apply top coat.

Tada~ my nails look cute after a small decoration!

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